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Your Caitlynn is the solo girl site of a very sexy American babe of the same name. The girl is pretty gorgeous and has a naturally curvaceous body that she likes to show off in steamy photos and videos where she shows off her body in various outfits, flashes her big tits or invites us in to the bathroom to watch her shower. This site was a lot of fun but at the time of this review has seemingly been abandoned. Given that very expensive membership gives you no bonuses and most of the features here are no longer accessible it makes no sense to waste anytime checking out the site. Just incase that isn’t enough to deter you I’ll share some more details in the name of fairness. First, you won’t want to sign up unless you find Caitlynn as hot as I do. She has the sort of, good girl next door/all-American babe look to her. She has brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes and a cute face, but more importantly a juicy, plump pair of natural titties that she has no trouble flashing and squeezing for the camera. Her ass is round and firm and her body slim and athletic in general. Most of you with blood pumping through your veins are going to find this little vixen irresistible. The site has only 20 short videos that run about 5 minutes and are all softcore. You will not find any masturbation or hardcore content here, just teasing, stripping and the like. Each video comes in a pretty good quality Windows Media Player format, though some vids have a better bit rate than others. Caitlynn also has photos and this seems to be where she focuses most of her energy. There are 96 galleries and each set has about 100 photos. These are gorgeous, hi-res photos that you can expand to fill your monitor without any loss of quality. The images are sharp, vibrant and really do justice to this teen babe’s out-of-this-world body. But like I said, the site hasn’t been touched in months. That includes her blog/diary where she used to leave little notes about her life, updates and even take requests from fans. She used to have a cam show as well but there hasn’t been one in months and none are scheduled in the near future. For all intensive purposes this site is dead. Even those crazy about Caitlynn would have to really BE crazy to pay the outrageous membership fee for just one, small, inactive website. If you have that much money to spend per month you can find dozens of other teen girls with more content and active updates that are just as hot.

Overall score: 9/20

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