About Foxy Reviews

What We Do

Here at Foxy Reviews, we may spend all day looking at porn, but that's the kind of sacrifice we're willing to make for our friends. We take our jobs very seriously and deconstruct each and every site that we review down to their base elements and scrutinize the details to help you make an informed decision on how to spend your hard earned money for your adult entertainment.

We never get paid by the companies that we review. In fact, we spend the money to buy the subscriptions that grant us access to the products that these owners are putting out. We're not beholden to anyone, so we can be brutally honest about the commodity that you're considering buying. If we don't like something that we see, or find an underhanded cash grab by any of these publishers, then you're going to hear about it. That's a guarantee. We exist to help make you an informed consumer and that's a trust that we never take lightly.

How We Do It

When we buy our access to a site, we're always looking around the corners and under text walls for cross sells that are designed to take your money without you even knowing about it. It's an extremely common practice by adult entertainment publishers to leave an option on their payment pages to buy an additional subscription to a third party site. These sites often cost just as much as, if not more than the access that you're already buying for the material that you actually want. These options are almost always preselected for you and designed to look like the sort of legalese that you've trained yourself to simply ignore.

We believe that this practice is wrong and just about as underhanded as it gets. We're constantly on the lookout for it, and things like it, that are meant to cheat the consumer for a little extra cash. If we see this on a site that you're thinking about joining, trust us, you'll hear about it and you'll know exactly how to protect yourself from it. We're always in your corner and we strive to keep you safe from the predatory practices that have become so commonplace in this industry.

Once we become members of the site, we go to work examining exactly what they have to offer their customers. From the quality of the productions to the quality of the streams and downloads, we parse both the technical and creative aspects of the content to let you know precisely what you can expect. We've downloaded hundreds of hours' worth of porn just to make sure that our friends who visit the site get the most accurate information before you open your wallet. We don't consider ourselves heroes, but, you know.

We also check out the regularity of updates, how much content is offered at any given time and the user friendliness of the web design. This is all done to give you a score based on the overall value of the site and whether or not what you'll find there is unique and exclusive or simply posted to entice you into joining. If a site is good, you'll be able to sign up with the confidence of knowing that we've already done the leg work and found it to be well worth your time. If a site is bad, we have to no problem telling you about it so you can steer clear and support the people who actually deserve your business.

Why We Do It

All of this is to say that we consider you to be our friends, and as our friends, we want you to be happy with your purchases and safe from unsavory business practices. You won't find complicated terms or silly industry jargon. We're recommending the good stuff to our friends and warning them against the bad. That's what you can expect from Foxy Reviews and we present it to you proudly. The next time you're looking to break in your new bottle of moisturizer or crack open that fresh pack of batteries, come and see us first. You may just find something that changes your stroke habits forever.

-Your Foxy friends.

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