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VideosZ bills itself as the largest DVD porn collection on the internet and I’m pretty sure that they’ve earned that title. Few sites rival the sheer mass that is VideosZ and even fewer can keep up with its racing update schedule, which has the site growing exponentially every single week. After reviewing so many sites as of late that lacked content and new updates, VideosZ was a refreshing change of pace. It was also a change of pace because I’ve been checking out tons of reality networks as of late. VideosZ certainly has some reality action but only licensed DVD reality action. Actually, all of the content here is licensed DVDs. The site does not produce original content but even sticklers for exclusive content might be wooed by the big libraries of porn waiting inside. At the time of this review there are an incredible 4,558 DVD titles available for members to enjoy. That’s DVDs, not scenes. Each DVD contains several scenes and as a whole runs about 2 hours in length. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of minutes of hardcore porn of all flavors here. I had the sensation of a kid in a candy shop when I logged into a slick, well-designed site that I could browse through at ease. I just didn’t have enough bandwidth to download all the vids I wanted as fast as I wanted! These videos come in some beautiful, high quality Windows Media Player format. Users can also choose DivX (AVI) and MPEG versions as well. Newer uploads now include Flash video stream options and super high, DVD resolution MPEG4 formats. Needless to say, quality is of the highest. I can’t find anything bad to say about this kick ass, DRM-free DVD mega site. They have the quantity and the quality in abundance and they upload new 5 new DVDs DAILY! Can you even believe that? I really felt like I had reached porn nirvana when I stepped into VideosZ and I can’t recommend it enough to everyone, no matter if you prefer Latina, Anal, Threesomes, Facials, Gonzo, DP, Toys or a hundred other categories. Go forth and sign up NOW.

Overall score: 19/20

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