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Chicks Love Chicks serves up some beautiful HD videos of hot lesbian teens and COED babes going wild on one another. The action here is very well produced and clearly has real photography and cinema professionals at work behind the scenes, but the site as a whole just isn’t very big or very reliable. We’ll put that aside for the time being and take a closer look at just what ChicksLoveChicks can offer folks for a shockingly low price. Chicks on Chicks should also be thrown into the discount category with a low monthly fee of just $10.00 a month, which is among the lowest I’ve ever seen. This low price makes it easier to deal with the low content counts but I still have trouble when I look at their update history. Even though the site has been online since 2007 and just enjoyed a spurt of updates its libraries are still small and its track record for updating shady at best. If you do decide to sign up regardless you’ll be in for a real treat in the form of 24 video episodes and photo galleries. These contain some very hot lesbian action starring beautiful, nubile babes with nice tits, slim bodies and shaved pink pussies. The girls really get into the action, kissing, groping and licking one another’s bodies before putting a wide variety of toys to use. You’ll see anal plugs and beads, vibrators and even some double-sided dildos. These are my favorite episodes. There’s just something about watching two busty, smoking hot babes ram their asses towards each other to thrust a big dildo into each other’s pussies that gets my motor going. As mentioned previously, these videos come in what can only be described as amazing HD quality. Just having HD quality isn’t everything though and the hands at work behind the scenes know this. The expert lighting, camera work and set production ensures that those razor sharp images reach their full potential thanks to the finely crafted video produced. You can download video episodes in Windows Media Player format. Photos are available in Hi-Res as well and a gallery of them come with every episode. These have about 300 images to a set that you can browse through online. You’ll have to manually download the images you like best as they don’t currently offer a ZIP format to grab the whole gallery in one file. For that startlingly low price they sure do throw in a lot of bonus content. 10 sites in total with names like Two Hole Crammers, Hard N Dirty, Spicy Matures and Meat Melons. All of these are also HD sites. For $10.00 that’s a pretty sweet deal, so I recommend getting over there ASAP and taking advantage of this special offer before it disappears.

Overall score: 14/20

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