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Loves of good old-fashioned mature fucking and sucking are in for a treat at Guys For Matures. These horny older women don’t have to do too much seducing, as their lusty young counterparts are already desperate to get into their pants, which these sultry older women are more than happy to facilitate. The site has been around for a few years and thanks to frequent and regular updates it has grown to be quite large with no signs of slowing down. Before you go into the site you might want to brush up on your Russian. All of these videos are coming to use from far East of Berlin and star amateur Russian MILFs and grannies and young Russian lads hungry to plow into their experienced pussies. While all the dialogue is in Russian and unintelligible to those not fluent in the tongue, it’s not too hard to grasp what’s going on—it is porn after all. Still, the 100% Russian dialogue in these reality amateur videos might bother some people. At the time of this review there are 317 video episodes online that are served up to you in AVI/DivX formats. The quality is very good and users will have the option to download these in a single full-length episode or stream it in the browser. Videos run about 10 to 15 minutes in length and feature completely amateur action. The models are real amateurs, ranging from skinny cougars to plump, big tittied momma’s, so don’t expect any pornstar glamour here. The site does not offer any photos, just a single thumbnail to assist you in browsing the simple but effective members area. One thing that was a turn off was the misleading advertising on the tour, where it sounds like you’re going to be getting access to some bonus sites with your membership. Well, you’re not, unless you opted for the much more expensive version of membership. Given that the regular membership fee is already pretty high, Guys For Matures might not be for everyone, even though it has a high quality product on offer.

Overall score: 14/20

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