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What you're getting from Virtual Taboo is high quality stuff that doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the sloppy and nasty stuff that you get with your common pornography. A quick scroll of the homepage will easily show you that these guys are making niches like step moms, MILFs, blackmail and even cuckolding all available to you on one site. The stuff is very well shot and produced and each piece comes with its own self-contained story to make watching it like you're in the room just a little bit more fun. Sign up is ridiculously quick and easy for the site. There isn't a single cross sell or upsell and you even get to choose your own username and password. You're going to get the typical choices of one month, three months and a year for your membership, but they do something interesting for their trial. Rather than give you a day or two of unfettered access, you can choose to download one full file of your choice. Realistically, given the VR nature of the content, this makes perfect sense. You can make sure that their stuff works with your stuff and everyone's happy. While you won't be able to choose the quality of the things you download because of the nature of VR, you can still choose the device that you have. Oculus, Gear VR and the Google Cardboard are all supported, but the best part is that even if you don't have any of those, you can still stream the content as a 360° video right from your browser. No matter what your preferred way of watching your porn happens to be, you'll be able to get it here and that's just something that we can all get behind. If you do want to download and prefer to know what you're getting into before pulling down the one to two gigabyte files, then you can see what happens by checking out the photo sets that come along with each one. These are all screen caps that let you see exactly what's going on so you can make the decision of whether or not it's worth your drive space and time. The video lengths vary wildly from around ten or fifteen minutes all of the way to a full hour. This information is available right on the homepage, so you won't find yourself getting surprised, but it's something to keep in mind if you have to worry about space or download time. You can always opt for a shorter video when necessary and the really long ones when you can handle them. It's completely up to you and kind of a nice option to have that not a lot of other places seem to offer. The site itself is designed very well and built for speed above all else. When you click on a video to watch it, you won't even have to deal with being brought to the video's host page. It simply starts playing right there on the homepage and makes itself big enough to cover everything else. It really lets you check out as much stuff as possible before settling in, and you can even do it through an appropriate VR set and get the full experience right there. Searching works well and you can use the site generated tags to get you right to where you want to be. They're accurate and every video is included in the searching, so navigating your way through the content won't be giving you a headache and will be an effortless experience. Conclusion Virtual Taboo is well worth it if you like your VR. The content is great and it touches on so many different niches that you'll be able to find something that you like, no matter what you're into. The site functions across many platforms, as well as straight from the browser so you'll always be able to watch it, even if you don't have a device to use. This place can really bring VR porn to the masses and it's never a bad idea to get in on the ground floor of something like that when they promise to offer so much.

Overall score: 19/20

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