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Find A Mature Lover is an online adult dating site that has been around for a while. It really isn’t its own site, exactly. Rather it’s a skinned version of a larger site that focuses completely on the members looking to meet and hook up with hot mature women for fun and sex. The site is well designed and easy to navigate. Users can create their own profile add photos and other goodies then go out and easily browse through hot matures’ profiles. You can see their photos and read about them and send them notes or messages through the website. They have a really great search function that lets you quickly plow through the thousands of members to find the ones that match your tastes. Browse by body type, age, location and other selections and get an accurate list of your top matches instantly. When I was surfing around Find A Mature Lover I did find a few “bot” profiles, or what I suspected to be bots. These are fake profiles created to make the site seem larger and full of beautiful, horny women. On the other hand I didn’t get any spammy messages that are typical of bot-infested websites, which means if there are any bots they are in the minority, or just real profiles with fake pictures perhaps. Besides the dating aspect you’ll have access to over 1,200 photos. These are mostly softcore amateur mature photos that you can browse through and enjoy on the side while you’re hunting for the real thing. Dating sites are always to be looked at with caution, however, and I’d recommend using the free trial to check it out yourself before jumping in. As always, the community is the most important part of any dating site so check it out and see if you feel comfortable.

Overall score: 14/20

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