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Submit Your Bitch is a cool site. First of all let me say that the people who run it, the company in charge are actually the same crew who run the Bangbros Network so straight away they have a reputation to uphold and that they do with the class ex girlfriend site. It is just a little bit special and proving to be very popular. I mean even the tour of Submit Your Bitch is in tip top order and you can see exactly what you are going to get once you enter the member\'s area. When I got given review access I went straight through and checked it out. Very impressive navigation system and a great range of pictures. Videos though, like with all ex girlfriend sites, are hard to find, but they do have more than most in this field which is pretty impressive to say the least. I was very happy with the whole feel to the site. $24.95 for the month or you can get a three day trial which is probably the one I would choose just to test it out. You are likely to have a good time so you may find yourself ending up and purchasing the year membership!

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