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Introduction SoloInterviews features never before seen models that get naked, and confess their darkest secrets right on camera. These girls are 18 years old and looking to get their foot in the adult world. At first they seem to be a little shy, but they start to warm up fairly quickly, and do whatever it takes to keep the attention focused on them. Good Points The site has a nice tour. It is filled with multiple pictures taken from particular picture sets for that model. You will get a few sample pictures, a story, and also a preview video of that particular model. If you click on the ‘Next’ link you will of course get even more pictures, stories, and preview videos. If you’re interested in signing up, let’s look at some of the benefits you will receive as a member. You will get 100% exclusive interviews. You won’t be finding this content on any other adult website. The member’s area is easy to use, and is very user-friendly. If you have a fast internet connection, you will enjoy the speed at which you can download content from SoloInterviews. If you have any problems, or questions, SoloInterviews offers 24/7 customer support. If you ever decide to cancel your membership, you can do so very easily. The site is AOL friendly and should work in all browsers with not required additional plug-ins. This site has no hidden charges which they will bill you for. The company prides itself on being 100% spam free, guaranteed. If you want even more content, join now, and you will receive access to seven other websites. One username and one password will get you into all of the sites. Now, let’s look at the payment options that SoloInterviews has to offer. You can sign up by check, credit card, or by telephone. For those of you that need an international payment method, you can use EuroDebit. Now, let’s look at the membership packages. SoloInterviews offers a trial package for those of you that want to have a look around before dropping some decent cash into a long term membership. If you decide you want something a bit lengthier, you can go with a one month plan which is $24.87, or you can go with a three month plan which is $49.87. If you sign up for the three month plan, you will find yourself saving some money. Bad Points These girls are trying to get their start as porn stars. They have never been seen before, therefore they are amateurs. If you’re not a fan of amateur content, you may not enjoy SoloInterviews. Keep in mind, amateur girls will mean amateur quality. Some of these girls may not be the best looking girls you can find. The trial package is a ‘limited trial’. Therefore, you’re not going to get complete access to all the features of the member’s area. If you sign up for a trial, and decide not to stick around, don’t forget to cancel your account before the trial period is up. If you forget to cancel, you will be billed $30, and you will be signed up to the member’s area for a full month. Summary If you’re a fan of SoloInterviews content, you may want to consider signing up for a membership. You never know, some of the girls featured on the site may wind up being big names in the adult industry some day. If you decide to sign up for a trial, keep in mind that it is a limited trial. You will not be getting unrestricted access to all of the member’s area. There are some things you just simply won’t have access to. If you don’t think you will enjoy the amateur aspect of the site, SoloInterviews may not be for you. If you’re undecided, you should look into a trial package. After that, you can then make your decision if you want to stay for a longer term.

Overall score: 17/20

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