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First Impressions My Sexy Roxana is a punk rock masseuse who has a special gift for giving cock massages with her pointy tongue. This is a girl who takes blowjobs to the level of an art and, for some reason, always is wearing a bright-colored wig while giving her treatment. My Sexy Roxana is pretty kinky in some ways but the site relies upon a large network access to make membership worthwhile. The Details Roxana claims to have a world acknowledged blowjob technique which she shows off in her exclusive videos. It is easy to be aroused by this punk rock babe and there is some really nice, kinky element to seeing her work oral magic in her fun outfits. The site is just for BJ videos and there are no pictures, which is fine because what makes the content hot is the grand finale shots. My Sexy Roxana is part of a larger network called Torbe which membership gets you access to. This means that you have 30 bonus sites which include a range of content and levels of erotic kink. There are also about 40 DVDs available for streaming as a nice bonus. Unfortunately, My Sexy Roxana only has as many videos as she does wigs. There are 9 movies on the site which last about 15 minutes each. As hot as punk girls giving blowjobs may be, this small content amount will not keep you entertained for the entirety of a monthly membership. The site hasn’t been updated since sometime after its start in 2007. No updates also means that the videos are in a poor quality. MPEG 1600k was pretty good three years ago but now looks terrible. You can also download in WMV and MOV formats but these are even lesser quality. Other than just these site faults, it would have been nice to get at least a bio about Roxana and to hear where she learned her famous cock-sucking technique. Summary My Sexy Roxana is meant to be looked at as just part of a larger network. Even the member’s area is set to focus on all the Torbe sites. When you think about Roxana this way, then a network membership is a great deal which provides you with enough porn and variety that you won’t be getting bored for a long time.

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