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Introduction Many people ask the question as to what Gonzo is; basically its pornographic videos/pictures with no plot at all. It gets straight into the action. In this case, the action is anal sex. Basically these girls are looking to get pounded in the ass, and these guys are willing to give it to them. No real interaction other than intercourse. Good Points If you’re not much for porno plots, you’re going to be pleased with AssGonzo. There is no plot, and you get thrown right into the sexual acts. No ‘wasted’ time what-so-ever. Also, it’s an anal-based website. If you enjoy the viewing of anal pornography, this is the site for you. The girls are hot, and they love taking it in the rear. The websites tour is pretty good as well. It gives you screenshots of a scene, length of the video, the number of how many clips it contains, and the amount of high-resolution pictures for that scene in particular. You can also click on a screenshot, and get a trailer for that scene. You can also click on the more episodes link, and get an idea of some of the episodes the member’s area will contain. Let’s talk more about the content of the site, and what’s inside the member’s area. There are new movies added to the member’s area every day. The movies are high quality and in high-definition. If you have an HD monitor, you will be pleased. If not, the movies will still be in great quality. You can either stream the movies through the website, or you can download them to your own computer, and watch them whenever you feel the need. There is also an option to download the full episode all at once. The videos are in both flash, and windows media formats. Therefore, if you’re worried about having the proper codec’s installed to view the videos, you will have no worries. The site is optimized for both fast and slow internet connections. If your internet connection is a little slow, that’s okay. You shouldn’t face any problems viewing the site, or content. You will also get access to high-resolution picture galleries. The pictures will be large, and have great quality. If you want even more content, you will get free access to the other numerous websites which are in the XM Limited network. All transactions are 100% secure and discreet. You won’t have to worry about submitting you personal information, everything is secure. Your information will be in good hands. As far as payment options go, you have four choices. You can pay by ccbill, paycom, check, or even by telephone. If you’re thinking about signing up, but you’re not sure, that’s okay. A three-day trial package is offered for only $1.95. If you want to stick around long term, and save a little cash you can sign up to a three-month plan. With the three-month plan you will save around fifteen dollars. Bad Points It’s a gonzo website. If you want your porn to have a bit of a story to it, look elsewhere. You get thrown straight into the action as soon as possible. For some people watching nothing but straight up sex from beginning to end could become very boring, and very quickly. If you think you may become bored with the site, it’s best to look elsewhere. Most of the bonus sites you will gain access to are also gonzo sites. So if you signup and become bored with AssGonzo, you will most likely get bored of the bonus sites as well. Summary For its niche, AssGonzo is a great site. There is tons of high quality, high-resolution content for the subscriber. If you’re into anal, and don’t mind your porn having no story to it what-so-ever, you will certainly enjoy AssGonzo. If you think you may become bored with Gonzo-style porn, you should try out a trial package first.

Overall score: 17/20

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