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Intro I love the idea for Revenge TV. This is a site where guys post movies and pictures of their ex-girlfriends to get revenge. When they were with the girl they took naked pictures of her or shot a sex tape with her, then she breaks up with them and the guys decide to get even by taking the pictures or movies public. The tour is sweet looking and the idea is pretty kick ass, let\'s see if it holds up. Good Points The content on this site is exclusive and there is a nice amount of it. With over 120 movies to watch and over 100 pictures galleries there is plenty to check out. The site is also updated regularly (often several times per week) so it is continuing to grow. For being an amateur site the quality of the movies and pictures is pretty good. Some of the movies and pictures look better than others, but overall they all are good looking. The movies are in Flash and WMV formats. The Flash movies are online streams and the WMV movies can be downloaded to your computer. The girls in this site are amateur, naughty and fun to watch. These girls pose naked for their men, give head, get fucked and do all kinds of wild stuff. Of course they did it all never knowing that it would end up all over the Internet. There are regular girls getting facials, a hottie getting fucked deep in the ass and all kinds of nakedness. I really liked what I saw here. When you join this site you get access to over 50 other sites. Included in these sites are a couple of other good amateur sites including one where people post their homemade sex tapes and another where hidden security cameras catch people fucking at work and other places. Some of these bonus sites have exclusive content and others don\'t, but all in all they make for a nice collection. There is a $1.00 three day trial available so you can check out the site on the cheap if you want. Bad Points The only real negative about the site is that I\'m not 100% sure how they can claim everything on the site is exclusive. To me there is no way for them to know for sure that these guys have not submitted the pictures/movies to other sites as well. Summery Overall this is a great site with a nice amount of content, good looking movies and some wicked action. I love the idea for the site and they seem to have carried it off nicely. Add into it the excellent bonus sites you get access to and it makes this one a real good choice for fans of amateur action. Give the tour a look. If you like what you see there, you should love the member\'s area. Who knows, you might see someone you recognize.

Overall score: 18/20

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