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First Impressions Scoreland is the web front for several magazines that focus on big tits. From the looks of the tour, we’re talking about some crazy big tits! These magazines all have great reputations, and with their entire archives included with the site, I’m looking forward to see what’s on the inside. The Details Everything about Scoreland is big. Big archives, Big choices, big tits, big everything. The site is simply overwhelming you jump in! With over 600,000 photos and nearly 500 videos, we’re talking about a massive archive of big tits content. You’ll find famous pornstars all over the place inside, and some of the nicest tits on the planet. Fake boobs, ebony boobs, big natural boobs, perky, busty teen tits, its all in here, and its all top notch. First let’s look at the photos. Multiple magazines archives go back as far as 1992, so we’re talking about over a decade of big tits content. All the photos are Hi-Res in various sizes, and downloadable in ZIP files. This is particularly useful with a site so large. Video content is also impressive. You can download in WMV, MPEG, or MOV formats, and for the past year they’ve also started offering live streams at 2000k compression, which is really good. The website is top notch as far as design and usability is concerned. With such a large archive, a user could spend day after day after day browsing through the content without the right tools. You can narrow your searches down by the types of tits you want (ethnic boobs? Milf boobs? Fake boobs? Etc) which is pretty much essential if you ever want to actually download something. Otherwise you’ll get lost browsing the abyss of perfect, big tits. Summary Simply put, Scoreland is an overwhelming mega site of big boobs. It’s one of the largest sites of exlclusive content on the internet, and has some of the best quality I’ve seen anywhere. For a big boobs lovers this is a one stop show. You simply won’t find this much quality content anywhere else. Scoreland is a big success and promises to deliver on all fronts.

Overall score: 18/20

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