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The Channel 69 VIP network takes pride in walking the road less traveled. For years, the network has been collecting footage of babes with beauty that doesn’t necessarily fit the narrow criteria of today’s modeling world. Let’s see what the network has to offer. If you’re a strong, self-assured man who’s not afraid of powerful women, Body Builders In Heat is a perfect site for you. It’s 70-odd videos, accompanied by photo galleries, present women who like to work out their biceps and triceps as much as they like to work out their throat and pussy muscles. Dirty Kinky Mature and Lesbian Mature 69 pay loving tribute to gorgeous MILFs with a filthy trick for every year of their lives. Like expensive wine and rare cheese, these hot mamas only get better with age, putting their steamy experience to work and banging much younger guys and girls so hard, they’ll never again be satisfied with a slut their own age. Hot 50 Plus moves beyond MILFs and features hot grandmas who’ve gained tons of experience, and have lost none of the spunk in the process. The site features nearly 80 videos and photo galleries of older ladies aged to perfection who teach men nearly half their age a thing or two about fucking. Tired of skeletal chicks who disappear when they stand sideways? Then come meet the curvaceous babes of Lesbian Chunky Chicks and Chunky Chicks 69. These girls have soft, bouncy asses, big, pendulous tits, and thick, delectable thighs that open to reveal deep, wet cunts and assholes. If your girlfriend has ever chided you for being unable to find her clit, Big Clits Big Lips will be an educational experience you’ll never forget. The site features more than 70 videos and photo galleries starring hot sluts with clitorises larger than some men’s dicks, thick luscious pussy lips, and sexual appetites to match. Double Air Bags tests the limits of human anatomy, with tits so huge, you’ll wonder how these women manage to stand up straight! Many of the babes in the site’s 50 or so videos and photo galleries have surgically enhanced melons bigger than their heads; but there are also a few hotties who were blessed by Mother Nature with massive flotation devices. Mega Butt is to asses what Double Air Bags is to tits, presenting a delectable collection of soft, round ass cheeks that bounce and jiggle as their owners ride huge cocks. With the site’s nearly 70 videos, accompanied by photo galleries, it will always be full moon!

Overall score: 15/20

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