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Some men like their women weak and emaciated. Other men, who are strong enough not to fear a woman of power and substance, like more cushion for the pushin’ - and the Channel 69 VIP network is happy to oblige. Roughly half of the network’s sites are dedicated to girls with some meat on their bones and strength in their muscles, and all the wonderful things they can do that would break a skinny chick in half. Chunky Chicks 69 is one such site, featuring nearly 100 episodes that pay loving tribute to the curves and folds of a real woman’s body. Each Chunky Chicks 69 episode consists of a video that lasts roughly 20 minutes, and a photo gallery with 50 to 100 pictures highlighting the most delectable parts of the action. The babes show their gorgeous bodies, squeezing their naturally huge tits together to deepen their Grand Canyon cleavage, and presenting their soft, curvaceous asses to the camera. Most of the girls on the site are white, with a few gorgeous ebony exceptions. All but a few babes have heavy, pendulous racks to match their large, mouth watering asses and thick, gorgeous thighs. Next, the babes put those bodies to use as they pounce on a cock almost as thick as their arm. In a few of the videos, the guys start out with a little tit fucking while the chunky sluts lick their cock heads teasingly; then it’s time to spread their voluminous thighs and slide the cock deep inside their hungry holes. The men often look like kids let loose inside an inflatable castle: they bounce joyfully on the round flesh as they pump the sluts’ holes full of meat. The Chunky Chicks 69 videos can be streamed right on the site - or they can be yours to keep in great quality Windows Media format. The site updates twice a week, so you’ll always have a new delectable morsel waiting for you. And while you are waiting for the next update, the Channel 69 VIP network will keep you busy with tons of plush bonus content! Your Chunky Chicks 69 membership comes fully loaded with unlimited access to about a dozen other sites, many of which feature more hot big girls whose soft folds are ready to envelop a hard cock or a strong vibrator. You can check out steamy girl on girl action of Lesbian Chunky Chicks, find hot ebony beauties in Chunky Black Chicks, and much more!

Overall score: 12/20

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