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The corporate culture can be blamed for many things - and rightfully so. From alienation to deforestation, from destroying family businesses to wrecking havoc on the world’s economic stability, the big corporations seem to cause more harm than good in everything they touch - not least in their own employee’s lives. You haven’t known crushing boredom until you’ve spent a week in a cubicle, and haven’t seen the true evil that lurks in the hearts of men until you’ve been a victim of office politics. But it’s not all bad: after all, the corporate culture has also given the world hot chicks encased in black stockings, severe business suits, and the willingness to do anything to climb the corporate ladder! If you’ve ever lusted after a cute, flirty secretary or a gorgeous but reserved boss, Secretary Videos is perfect for you. When Torchwood’s space slut Captain Jack Harkness famously admitted that offices make him horny, he must have been talking about the Secretary Videos footage. The site’s 20 videos, shot exclusively for and by the Secretary Videos creative team, come in excellent full screen high resolution - and that’s a good thing, because you’ll want to see every juicy, mouth watering detail! The site features 20 of Britain’s sexiest office sluts, who show you what they get up to when all the coworkers have gone home. The boss must be thinking that they’re plugging away on that urgent project due Monday - but that’s the last thing they’re plugging! They lock the office doors, reach into that desk drawer they always keep locked, and pull out their favorite dildo or vibrator! They hike up their business skirts to reveal sexy stockings and garter belts, push their panties to the side, and slide the plastic deep inside their wet pussies. One hot blonde puts her long leg onto her desk, showing off her sweet round ass and exposing her pink holes, and fucks herself with a thick silver rod. It glints hypnotically as it pistons in and out of her tight little pussy. Another, a barely legal brunette, puts her legs behind her head and packs her cunt full of a strong pink vibe. Elsewhere, a slutty babe fucks herself so hard with her fingers, she ends up upside down on the couch with her legs high in the air! Instead of billing you over and over for a collection that it would take you one day to download, Secretary Videos gives you a one time pass, good for a month, so you can download its 20 videos, then never bothers you again. A great deal for this steamy, ball tightening collection.

Overall score: 12/20

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