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Ever wished you could see Angelina Jolie’s tits without having to wade through hours of her movies? Or see every nude scene Sharon Stone’s ever done? Or drool over the gorgeous body of Italian actress Monica Belucci without the pesky subtitles getting in the way of her perfect boobs? You can - with the help of legendary Mr. Skin. Profiled by CNN, Maxim Magazine, the New York Times, VH1 and the E channel, and even mentioned in the movie Knocked Up, Mr. Skin presents the most complete collection of every nude and semi-nude scene from every movie, TV show and music video ever released in the West. The site takes its mission very seriously. You can search through over 176 thousand video clips and photos starring nearly 17 thousand stars by actress and movie / show name, the actress’ hair color, breast size, skin color and body type, or browse through categories like public nudity, massage scenes, forced to strip, masturbation, body double, taboo sex, skinny dipping, and even Shakespeare. Each clip or photo gallery comes with a bio of the actress and a summary of the movie. And in case you get curious about the plot, a handy time code feature lets you know where in the movie the scene appears, and a Skin Rating tells you just how much nudity to expect in the movie. But Mr. Skin is much more than a collection of movie clips: the site has more content than a typical issue of Entertainment Weekly! You can read celebrity news and gossip, reviews of new movies and DVDs, and most importantly, get valuable info on the amount of skin in new releases. The site’s original features, top ten lists based on member reviews, celebrity birthday notices, and the Mr. Skin’s Favorite Skin Classics list, seek to educate as much as entertain; and the member forum is a vibrant community where you can chat about all things celebrity. And Mr. Skin himself is happy to interact with the members. If you can’t think of the name of a movie, drop him a note in the Ask Mr. Skin section describing your favorite scene, and he’ll point you in the right direction. You can even listen to his hilarious weekly radio show, the Mr. Skin Minute! You can stream the video clips online using Flash, or download them in great quality Windows Media. And if all this celebrity skin has left you hard and begging for more, head over to the site’s bonus live webcam feeds to get some sweet relief from hot and horny celebrity look-alikes!

Overall score: 17/20

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Comment by: Mr Skiny - Rating: 18/20

Your review seems to cut off without giving a final score. I think Mr Skin is the king of celebrity nudity. I'm a big fan of Mr Skin so I made an entire site that reviews Mr Skin's service from top to bottom. It's just my experience, but I think it's objective. You can check it out at

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