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Find A Ebony Lover is a hot dating site for those looking for horny and available ebony babes for fun and sex. The site has been around about 3 years now and grown pretty steadily in that time. There are hundreds of profiles online that are a mix of ebony babes and the horny men and women that want to meet up with them. The site has a ton of features for people to browse around and hook up. You can search for only those around where you live, or by age and body type as well as other unique filters. The site is something of a cross between what I’d expect a live webcam site to be and a dating site, though it does let members meet up, chat online and make real dates outside of the site itself. Like most dating sites its only as good as the community that supports it and FindAEbonyLover has an average community. When browsing through the site I had the impression that several of the ebony babes near me were “bots”, or fake profiles, though others seemed to be legitimate. There were some misleading advertisements around as well. The site has 100% free written all over it, yet it does have a recurring monthly fee that will get leveled on you in you’re not careful during your free trial period. I wasn’t overly impressed with Find A Ebony Lover but I wasn’t turned off either. I think it is a bit smaller than other adult dating websites that I have had the pleasure to review but the babes in the profile pictures are certainly hot. Like all adult dating sites my advice is to use caution and look around carefully before signing up for membership. Be sure that it has a community you’d feel comfortable joining and that it is active enough to actually hook you up with hot ebony babes. My impression was that I may be just a bit too small to really help horny singles meet a hot ebony babe, but your mileage may vary.

Overall score: 15/20

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