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I don\'t often come across sites like this. There is a lot of rubbish on the web and Premium HDV is certainly not categorized as such. A lot of work and effort has been put into this site and it shows. So I got my pass and I entered. What changed? Not much to be honest. The page looked the same, the pictures and videos looked the same, you are getting what you see on the outside but on the inside. However on closer inspection two very key differences are shown. One is the URL, it says and the pictures and videos are all access which means I can download and watch anyhthing on the site. No restrictions, no join page flashing up. I am in and it feels good. So I click on the latest scene with Veronique Vega and what exactly do I get? Straight away a live streaming option. I click play and it streams almost effortlessly. This is very, very nice and convienent. As you can imagine I have quite a lot of porn on this computer and downloading more will just fill up more space. The live streaming option is a very nice addition. However for all you download lovers you are in for a treat. You have scene info telling you all about the scene. Then the viewing options, * High Resolution HD Video ( 720p. ), Medium Resolution HD Video ( 540p. ), High Definition Photos ( 99 images ) and then the cherry on the cake, the download options, * Full HD Video MP4 ( 1080p. ) - 1580Mb, HD Ready Video MP4 ( 720p. ) - 1070Mb, HD Ready Video MP4 ( 540p. ) - 658Mb, Mobile / iPhone / iPod MP4 ( 272p. ) - 126Mb, HD Photos ( ZIP Archive ) - 48Mb. What that basically means in a nut shell if you aren\'t computer savvy is that you can download this video or picture sets in pretty much most formats and even take it with you for portable media. The same applies to all scenes in Premium HDV. A huge range of pornstars and a huge range of scenes and categories, such as hardcore, lesbian, blowjobs etc. So what sucks about the site? Well like you all know I always have something bad to say as no paysite is perfect. There are of course adverts around the site which may put you off, but on the other hand may be worth visiting such as live webcams and dating. Also after reviewing hundreds, if not thousands of paysites the content on there is not exclusive I have infact seen some of it before. But the way it\'s presented is very impressive and the options of downloading are far greater than any other site. So in conclusion what did I think about Premium HDV? It\'s good, it\'s not amazing, but it sure is in the top end of paysites. It\'s got potential, a lot of potential. It\'s no megasite yet... but if the people working on it keep up the same work ethic you can be guarenteed it\'s going to get MUCH better. Certainly worth a join and on the trial price offered, it\'s cheap and easy. If you don\'t like it then don\'t go in for the full membership. Could well be one of the big sites of the future.

Overall score: 17/20

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