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Jordan Capri

Jordan Capri

Jordan Capri is a spunky sweetheart with a twirl of lust in her life and she is very proud and loud being part of the Light speed network. This 18-year old burning vixen is pretty hushed but adores having fun outdoors and with other gorgeous girls. Well, who cares if she’s standing five feet one, at least a lot of horny people including you can pick her up and move her around! Oh yeah, guys don’t you know that these horny striking little girl favourite sex position is where the guy picks her up from behind, puts his arms under her knees, and walks around while having sex!  That was so hot! Whew!

So, I’m telling you don’t be fooled by her innocent looks and sweet- charming childlike stance because she is just as naughty as the other horny girls! This girl loves doing it outdoors, in the coffee shop, getting along with Mother Nature or after the cheerleading practice.

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The best thing in Jordan Capri’s site is that you can come inside and watch this elegant hottie’s interview and get to know her more with thousands of 100% uncensored exclusive hi- resolution pictures and galleries of hers playing dirty with other girls! Wow!

You can also watch hours of broadband videos featuring Jordan and her bitches, man, these videos are so fucking searing that you can almost fuck your sister’s friends with 100% original content shot by the world famous Steve Light speed!

You can take a peek and play two of her free trailers and members can even send her an email and even chat with her!

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What Jordan Capri offers?

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At first glance, you will thought that this pretty vixen is so sweet and charming, well… yes she is… a nice girl with a twist of horny orgasm and dirty mind. For a very steeping price, this would be a great satisfaction from a site jam-packed with astonishing, burning and mother f hardcore sizzling girls!

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