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There’s nothing small about Little Mutt, a site dedicated to worshipping the pristine bodies of gorgeous, nubile teen princesses. I’m actually a bit puzzled by the name of the site to be honest. The word “mutt” has a very negative connotation, almost as though the content here would be smutty, which it definitely is not. I found the photos and videos here to be much more pure and respectful towards the models than what one finds in most adult sites, celebrating rather than exploiting in a way I can’t quiet put my finger on. In any case, the action here is top notch and so are these gorgeous girls. The models you’ll find here range from 18 years old to their mid-twenties and come from all around the world. You’ll have tan, busty blondes from California, slim and dark girls from France, shapely seductresses from the Chezsk Republic to name just a few. They may speak various languages and come for diverse background but they all have the same tight, nubile bodies in their various flavors. If Little Mutt lacks something, it certainly isn’t in the beauty and bodies of their carefully chosen models. Nor do they lack in content. At the time of this review there are 420 video episodes online to enjoy. These are available to users in various formats, including excellent-looking Windows Media Player files, MPEGs and MP4s. These videos run about 20 minutes in length and fall just short of true HD. You can download any episode in a series of “web cuts” and for most videos purchase a Director’s Cut version on DVD. Beyond those videos you’ll have about 440 photo galleries. These are very large photos, bigger than other Hi-Res photos, which these are as well. The big, pixel-perfect images of these beautiful babes stripping, teasing and showing off their bodies are yours to browse online or download in a single easy to grab ZIP file. Beyond the posing and solo action both videos and photos are available that feature much more hardcore action, including group sex, fisting, cumshots and threeways. This is a very hot site with a ton of content that will make any fan of barely legal and COED porn very happy. While you won’t have any bonus sites, you do get other goodies like stories, and advice column on how to pleasure girls and a bunch of other stuff. A great site worth checking out immediately.

Overall score: 17/20

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