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First Impressions Ms Inhale is a solo girl fetish site all about the sexy, smoking brunette in the center. Her name's chloe and she likes inhaling cigarettes and cock, often at the same time. The site looks fun if a bit amateurish, but I've got a good feeling it's going to deliver for smoking fetish fans out there. Let's take a look and see how it adds up. Details After a thorough review of the site and its content I can say that while Chloe, the smoking babe, may be an amateur, her sites design, content and quality are not -- it's all professional. I was happily surprised by the professionally filmed content and photographs and I think the mixture of Chloe's style and her sites great content made it a big winner in my book. Right now you can find more than 50 photo galleries with around 50 pics each. These are hi-res shots that can be browsed and downloaded individually. Most of the galleries contain Chloe, the sexy smoking brunette at the sites core, as well as her friends, both male and female, getting in to some sexual mischief. There are also 42+ high quality vids on the site, available in WMV format only. Each episode has a thumbnail and a short description to give you an idea of what its all about before committing to download. The website has a fun design and is easy to get around. Finding the photos and vids you want is easy and straightforward, but don't expect any super advanced features here. There is also a webcam show, supposedly, but each time we checked in we didn't see that any were scheduled. We're not sure if our timing was bad or its an irregular feature. Summary A great site for smoking fetish fans but might not be for the average porn fan. The site has some good content but the library is still pretty small. Updates supposedly come weekly and looking over the site this seems true, so hopefully it will continue to grow. What really makes the site a stretch for those not crazy for the smoking fetish is its price. It's much more expensive than other porn sites and seems worth it only if you must feed your smoking fetish craving.

Overall score: 12/20

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