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The age of the dial-up modem is over, at least if you follow the guys behind the Strictly Broadband’s way of thinking. Why is it strictly broadband? Because you’re going to need a broadband connection to make the most of their pay-per-view streaming video service. I’ve never been a huge fan of this business model, it seems more expensive than paying a flat membership fee at a large site, but those that like DVDs and themed scenes will find merit in it. So how does this system actually work? You can sign up to be a member for free, and this lets you browse around and check out all the different DVD titles they carry. To view any of them you’ll need to purchase some tickets at about $15 USD each. These used to cost $11 about a year ago but have apparently gone up since then. With 1 ticket you can “rent” an entire DVD and all of its scenes for 7 days. If you use 2 tickets you can rent it for a full year. You can also buy multiple tickets at once and save money, but its only a few dollars cheaper and not much of a savings. Also, you only have streaming access to the videos. You can’t download, store or keep them. Essentially you’re paying $11 for stream-only access for 7 days to a half dozen scenes (or about 120 minutes of action). If you rent two DVDs you’ve just spent what it costs to sign up at most large network sites with 10x’s that content. I guess you either dig it or you don’t. Anyway, the site has more than 1,000 DVD titles to choose from which is simply massive, and gives you access to just about every porn star and type of hardcore action you could hope for. The quality of the streams are very good from the few I previewed and the selection of DVDs is top notch. The real question here is it worth the more expensive price tag than a DVD archive or exclusive pay site? The only real difference between them is that Strictly Broadband will give you an entire DVD in one package, while the other sites are just scenes (though a DVD Archive may have every scene from a particular DVD, too). If you dig it, check it out. It’s a good site, I’m just not sure the business model is the best one.

Overall score: 16/20

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