Millionaire Mate at Foxy Reviews

Millionaire Mate is the adult dating site made for all high class men and women who want to find partners. This site allows them to have their own profiles with pictures, incomes, and everything they think it is important and what other people should know about them. This rich-daring site is one of few that are made both for men and women, which is not something you will see on every site. The good thing is that you can write an auto respond message for every member that tries to contact you. If you don\'t become a member, you will not be able to watch many profiles, and another bad thing is that you can\'t find many members on Millionaire Mate. Searching options are very good, and so is the matching system. One of the things that will catch your eye is the income level per year. Members can select one of the following: under 100K, 100K-250K, 250K-2M and 2M+. That is one of the way other members can use to select their potential partners. For one month you will have to pay $29.95 (recurring), and for one year $149.95 (recurring). This is one of the most expensive sites, but if you are really looking for someone special, this is the place for you.

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