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Intro Excellent partying, wild and uncontrolled masses of rowdy drunken people celebrating I honestly don't know what, and of course lots of beads are the key elements of the New Orleans Mardi Gras. I must admit that since I am not a local, I am not very much informed about this particular festivity, but this site called Mardi Gras Uncensored helped me get a much better picture of the action going on when this wild celebration is taking place. On the pages of this site you will find tons of amazing babes exposing their goods in public. When I say goods, I mean their boobs of course and you will see lots of flashing here. The best thing about the videos on Mardi Gras Uncensored is that they feature real live authentic amateur girls, not even amateur – but just regular babes from the streets showing off what Mother Nature has endowed them with. Pros The total content of Mardi Gras Uncensored consists of 88 videos that are all of different length, depending on how the wild parties that are being filmed are going. The material is exclusive viewed directly on the site. The online viewing option is Flash and the video quality looks good. The resolution is 640 x 480 pixels, which is not really a lot these days, but with a nice bit rate it still does a good job of showing these parties. You can also choose to watch the movies in the embedded Media Player, but I can't think of a single reason why you would want to do that. Previously the site was only offering screen captures from the movies in their picture section, but fortunately now they also have some high resolution pictures. Aside from showing you the action on the streets, some of these photos expose several girls that have decided to play a little bit more up close and personal with the camera crew of Mardi Gras Uncensored. The photos are all available in Zip files so that you can download them easily. Cons I was thoroughly impressed with the videos featuring this wild celebration, so I wanted to keep some of them for my personal collection but I was unhappy to discover that there are no downloads available on the site. Conclusion Mardi Gras Uncensored shows exactly why it is so cool to live in the United States, especially the southern region of Louisiana and New Orleans. These wild parties are something that everyone should visit, and if you can't – you can check out the content of this site.

Overall score: 14/20

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