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What is it about uniforms? From a severe police jacket stretched tight around a mouth watering pair of tits, to a plaid skirt that barely hides the barely legal thighs of a school girl, to a small hat perched teasingly on top of a flight attendant’s head, a gorgeous body trapped inside a uniform can sometimes be sexier than a gorgeous body wearing nothing at all. The thought of ripping off all those restrictive clothes and freeing the bodacious curves inside can get you hard as surely as slender fingers wrapped around your prick. The creative team of the British SS Amateurs network is expert at making people hard - and so it brings you 20 ball tightening scenes in Uniform Videos. The site features 3 gorgeous air hostesses, 6 naughty nurses, a hard banging soldier, 5 steamy maids, and 5 delectable college girls. Each girl starts out in her sexy uniform: a naughty black dress with a white apron, a tight blue pair of scrubs, army fatigues, or a white shirt and striped school tie. Most of the babes augment their uniform with a sexy pair of stockings or pantyhose that might not, strictly speaking, be part of the uniform, but they definitely don’t hurt. The girls pose in their uniforms, unbuttoning their tops to reveal their deep cleavage, or bending over to show off their lip smacking asses. But soon enough, the horny chicks hike up their skirts to get at their aching pussies. They rub themselves through their sexy panties until they’re wet with pussy juice, then push those aside as well to reveal delectable pink holes that are begging to be filled. And fill them they do, with thick dildos and powerful vibrators, letting you enjoy every thrust and twist along the way. The videos have been produced exclusively for and by the SS Amateurs network, and last between 15 and 20 minutes. They are fully downloadable - and the best part is, they can be yours without a cumbersome membership! Unlike so many other sites that expect you to pay month after month for the same collection of a few dozen videos, all 20 Uniform Videos can be yours for a fraction of what you would have to pay at a DVD store! Once you’ve made the payment, you get a password, which automatically expires in 30 days - and you’ll never have to hear from this site again. No trying to get a hold of customer service to cancel your membership; no making embarrassing calls to your credit card company to stop the payment - just grab your videos and enjoy!

Overall score: 13/20

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