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Feet Screen sure does feature quite a bit of foot fucking, sucking and cumming but I’m not sure that I’d classify it as an all-out foot fetish site. Instead, the foot play and worship seems to serve as more of a foreplay dished up before the main course of hardcore fucking that follows. The feet stay involved, with messy cumshots getting dumped out all over them and a bountiful supply of foot jobs, but the hardcore pussy pounding takes up most of the screen time. So we have a site that is more of a hardcore site with a foot worship spin in the end, but that shouldn’t disinterest anyone. The site has a lot to offer those that have a special place in their hearts and pants for feet. There are some other issues that are a bit of a turn off but we’ll get to those last. First let’s talk about what Feet Screen gets right. At the time of this review there are 131 video episodes online. These are served up in an excellent-quality DivX (AVI) format that can be downloaded in a series of three to four short clips. This is a bit annoying, especially considering that the videos are only 15 minutes or so long anyways. There are also no streaming options. The quality is very high, though, and the action stars some very hot euro babes. You’ll see threesomes, lesbian action, footjobs, cumshots, facials, and a bunch of other kinky action in all of them. Now for the bad news. There are no pictures, not even vidcaps, so you’ll have to make do with the videos. You’ll also have to make do with slow updates, often no more than once a month, if that. If these don’t annoy you enough then go try to find your bonus sites in the members’ area. You’re supposedly given access to a few sites but there are no links to access them on the website. I liked Feet Screen but its problems certainly but a hitch in the overall ranking. Still, I think it is a site that foot and hardcore fans need to take a look at before writing off.

Overall score: 10/20

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