Glory Hole Initiations at Foxy Reviews

For whatever reason, the Glory Hole niche is one the most covered and well-done areas of porn on the internet today. I know, it’s a bit surprising given how many more sites there are in other, larger niches, yet Glory Hole action still tends to be superior in every way. That high quality tradition was definitely in evidence during my review of Glory Hole Initiations, one of many glory hole niche sites that sure sends its visitors back happy as clams. While GloryHoleInitiations hasn’t reinvented the wheel or really broken any new ground in its web design or development, it still holds more than its own in a field rife with competition. I had a lot of fun at this site, personally, which let me follow some smoking hot babes into the bathrooms at adult book stores and public bathrooms, where the smoking hot girl is surprised by a big cock or two poking through that mysterious whole in the wall. They film everything in a documentary/reality context and its quite a bit of fun to watch smoking teen and coed babes throat fuck these big cocks then gurgle down their messy loads of cum. At the time of this review there are more than 175 video episodes online to enjoy. These are updated every week and can be downloaded in an excellent-quality Windows Media Player version. On average these videos run about 15 to 20 minutes in length. With each video comes a rather large photo gallery. These have 175 pics each on average. They are good looking shots of the same action you’ll see in the videos that you can browse through online, downloading the individual pictures you like best. Unfortunately, Glory Hole Initiations doesn’t throw us any bonus goodies, so don’t expect any network passes and the like. You’ll be treated only to what the boys behind GloryHoleInitiations has made for you, plus a few discount priced trial passes to other sites on the network they call home. It’s expensive but fans of the Glory Hole niche are going to find a good value here.

Overall score: 13/20

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