Big Asses Fling at Foxy Reviews

Fling is the website where members are submitting their pics and a lot of them like to take selfshots of their big booties and to post the image on the site. That\'s what Big Asses Fling is all about, and if you are a fan of round tooshies, you need to visit Big Asses Fling! On this site you will find more than 6000 videos members submitted of different length. Less than 1000 are videos of sexy ladies with big round booties. You can\'t download the videos, but you can watch them online, using Flash player and the best resolution you will find is 480x360 px. The amazing thing about Big Asses Fling is that this site brings more than 400.000 pictures, and a couple of thousand of them are pics of big asses! The images are not in high resolution, and you can\'t download them in ZIP folders. Big Ass Fling is, of course, not an exclusive website, but that doesn\'t matter because you have the chance to check out more than one million profiles. It will cost you $24.95 for silver or $34.95 for gold one month membership. Big Ass Fling has some nice pics, but it looks like you are not gonna really meet someone there, because of lots of fake profiles, but still there are lots of profiles fun to watch!

Overall score: 17/20

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