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Whether you have a foot fetish or just a thing for hot pornstar babes in nylons, Nylon Feet Videos is sure to get your attention. This site is dedicated to hardcore porn that has a smoking hot euro babe in various types of nylons getting fucked hard and using her feet to pleasure and be pleasured. The action is various and includes regular couples fucking as well as a few lesbian and threesome scenes. This is a very big site with a reality-twist to the episodes, though the plots are a bit tough to follow. Okay, they’re not tough to follow but they are all in Russian, so unless you speak that language you’re not going to understand a thing they say beyond the moaning and groaning. That shouldn’t be a big deal for most, I think, and the huge amount of kick ass nylon and foot fetish porn they have in their libraries should smooth things over in any case. At the time of this review the site is home to some 294 videos. These are excellent-quality AVI (DivX) downloads that you can download in a series of clips. Unfortunately you won’t be able to download any episode as a full-length version and streaming is not an option either. These are two areas that Nylon Feet Videos could really do a lot to help itself in. There aren’t any photo galleries at this site. All the work is put into their video production, and it’s easy to see that that attention has really paid off for them. There used to be some nice bonus materials here, including access to other websites, galleries and movie feeds, but those have all gone. At least for regular members. You have to sign up for a bonus program to get access to the other goodies, which is another big price tag to pay out. Regular members are left with nothing but what’s in the members’ area. This sort of pissed me off as the tour page clearly promises bonus materials, but then delivers none. Overall, though, I can’t help but enjoy NylonFeetVideos. They have some great content starring very hot Russian/Euro babes and get very nasty and messy in their hardcore episodes. This is definitely worth a closer look for those in the search of a good nylons or foot fetish site.

Overall score: 15/20

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