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Hardcore fellatio has been a staple in Internet porn for a long time. While there's really nothing new that hasn't been shown before, I'm a little wary of this site. But once you set your eyes, there's a sudden sense of venality rising out of me. The feeling is similar to when I was twelve and I secretly looked at my Dad's stash of Playboys. Your first impression here is the sudden heat of sex. And somehow that makes this site works. The Main Page is an explosion of sex, sex and more sex. Your eyes are inundated with huge photos of beautiful women being orally assaulted by huge dongs. The page is bright, colorful and festive as a pinata, but in this case, a very horny pinata. There is so much happening here that you need to take a breather before you can continue and sort things out. There is almost a sense of frantic intent on surprising the viewer. You lower your gaze and you see pretty brutal sex photos. You see images of gagging women, sticky facials and lots of creampies. You almost reel from the sheer at-your-face carnality in the photos. But is worth your investment? Let' find out. has six folders:"MainPage", "Our Girls", "Our Network", "Trailer", "Member", and "Full Access". The full assault of the Mainpage pretty much tells you what you're in for. There are eight free teasers. Each teaser has nine blistering preview photos (unclickable) that show the featured girl. Between the teaser images are clickable hyperlinks that show a preview clip and a joining link to watch the entire video. If you click the trailer link, the site will open a Windows Media Player that will play 20 to 25MB of hi-res videos that you can download. There are pithy descriptions that are as horny as the photos. If you click the join link, you're transferred to the billing page. To subscribe, you have many options that are dictated by the period of time you'd like to use the site. The price range goes from $4.95 3-Day Trial ($1.65 per day) to $74.95 6 Month Prepaid Membership (ONLY $0.41 A DAY!). One can also join by phone or by check if credit card is unavailable. Click the "Our Girls" icon and you're whisked to a two page gallery of mug shots of pretty women. The page is divided into two. The first features seven of's most popular girls. And taking more than half the page are the face pics of talents. All 120 of them, though there are some classified as groups. Click on the face pic and you're transferred to a corresponding teaser page sans trailer. What you get is the short (almost perfunctory) description and two persistent links to join. Head down to the "Network" page and you see a list of 34 other affiliate sites of Each affiliate tells you what niche they subscribe too. It's not shown here however if you also get limited access to these sites. Proceed to the "Trailer" page and you're treated to an enjoyable two-minute hi-res large-format montage trailer. Below that is the standard links for joining. The "Members" icon will set off a pop-up window that will ask your access codes. And the "Full Access" page merely repeats the joining pages from before. So everything's pretty much a standard set-up. Does walk the walk? Yes, in a way. If you want great hardcore blowjob movies, then this site is for you. I just realized that doesn't offer downloadable picture galleries. It can be a letdown to those who prefer a more complete package. For $74.95, you have 120 hi-res movies, and that's it. A bit pricey but if you see the movies for yourselves, they're well-produced material that have great-looking models doing shockingly sexy things quite well. You will have your fill of the kind of hardcore that pervs seek out and enjoy. is worth every cent if you think about it.

Overall score: 16/20

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