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Intro IM Live is my personal favorite webcam site. When you go to the homepage, you will see that they’ve got everything from live spirituality experts to romance chat. Don’t let this fool you though- IM Live is really all about live sex chat with amateurs from all over the world. There are so many different webcam models on at all times, great features and good prices that you can really enjoy yourself in the hot chatrooms of IM Live. Pros IMLive is huge! In just the cam girls alone category, there are over 26,000 hosts. In addition to this, there are fetish & bdsm cams, celebrity porn stars, shemales, couples, threesomes, gay men, straight guys and much more. In total, that gives you around 50,000 hosts in live sex chat. No matter when you sign on, you are sure to find a nice assortment of webcam hosts waiting to entertain you. Even the smaller categories like porn stars usually have at least a few hosts online. With so many models, you’d think it would be difficult to find the perfect webcam host. IM Live has got you covered though with their great search system. You can narrow your search by parameters like top hosts, new hosts, features, age, body type, ethnicity, and more. All of the online models are displayed in a nice gallery with decent thumbnails and some basic information. You can click on the cam model and be taken to the profile to find out a bit more. While the model profiles are pretty generic, you do get all the necessary information. You will find out what languages they speak, what special features are available in the chat, and there is a gallery of snapshots to let you really see the cam host. From here you can choose to enter the free chat. I really recommend this because it lets you check the cam quality and the willingness of the model. A note about the free chat feature: you can use the free text chat once you sign up for the free membership. That only takes a couple of minutes. However, if you want to enter the free video chat and actually see what the webcam model is doing, then you need to put some credits onto your account. The free video sex chat is non-nude and really just a teaser to get you into private chat. However, I wouldn’t enter private without checking out the free chat first. This feature is a must! Overall, I found most of the models to be really willing and very friendly. The girl I chatted with was happy to spread her legs wide apart while giving me a close-up shot of her masturbating with a vibrator. Not only was the image great, but the sound was spectacular with all that vibrating and her nice moans. The cam quality varies per model but this girl had a webcam good enough to show me how wet her pussy was getting. Again, you should check out the free video chat first. There are a lot of cool features at IM Live which will really make your time in live sex chat enjoyable. The live audio is great and lots of the models also have high quality cams. If you have a webcam, then the model can see you too with the cam2cam feature. You can also take snapshots or record the shows in some cases. In addition to these basic features, IM Live keeps things interesting by hosting celebrity events, group cams, “around the house”, contests and much more. One of the best features is that you can record your live sex sessions in the “my content” area and view them for free later on. There are also tons of prerecorded videos and webcam shows that you can purchase. Cons IM Live offers a lot of different discounts such as happy hours and discount clubs. Of course, this is not a negative about the site! However, it can be really confusing trying to figure out these discounts and how much it will cost you to chat with a webcam model. If you try to rely on these discount prices, you are going to spend a lot of time calculating and in confusion. Also, the price per minute of the girls is kept hidden until you decide to go private. Some of the models have a great price of just $1.99 a minute but others get up to $5 a minute. There are also no discounts for bulk purchases. Conclusion As far as webcam sex sites go, IM Live tips the list. This site has everything covered from tons of hot hosts that will suit everyone’s fantasies, amazing features, a site that is easy to navigate and lots of little extras that set it apart from the competition. Once you figure out the discount options available to you, IM Live also becomes one of the best deals for live sex online. Enjoy!

Overall score: 17/20

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