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Introduction BritishSlags is a site which features the best of British amateur’s wanting to build a fan-base by showing off their sexy, nude bodies. If you want to see real amateur babes that get really naughty when the cameras are focused on them, BritishSlags is just for you. Good Points Amateurs are always fun to watch, it’s always unknown what they will do next to get the cameras attention. These girl’s are not professional’s so the plot doesn’t seem as fictitious as most porno websites are. These girls could look just like your neighbor, or some chicks you would run into at your favorite club, and possibly hook-up with. This is an amateur-based adult website; therefore the scenery changes a lot. Every video is not going to look like it was filmed at the same place, but with different props in the background. Some scenes are even outdoors, which, in my opinion, makes the site a bit more genuine. You will also see a pretty decent tour, which gives you an idea of what is to be seen in the member’s area. Once inside the member’s area you will get access to high quality picture sets, and downloadable movies which you can save to your computer and watch whenever you feel the need. You will also get access to six other websites, which are featured in the BanSmut network. All websites do update regularly, and are more reality-based than anything else. If you’re into amateurs, or reality-based porn, you should enjoy BritishSlags. Bad Points If you’re not into amateur girls, you will not be interested in this site. As I said above, these girls could remind you of your neighbor, or a girl you could run into at a club. Therefore, not every girl is going to have the perfect body. None of these girl’s are going to have the look of a super model, or a porn star. Amateur girls are going to have amateur faces, and amateur bodies. Some will be a little over weight, a little too skinny, small breasts, etc… If you’re not into stuff like that, move on. The site has a decent tour, but once you click the sign up link, there isn’t much there. You have two options, pay by check, or pay by credit card. There is no mention of the content you will receive once you sign up. Also, neither link works, which makes it impossible to sign up. If they can’t even get their sign up links to work, that discouraging enough to forget about BritishSlags. Summary If you’re into amateur sex, this website should please you. If you’re not, you will not enjoy BritishSlags. There are many good points and bad points for BritishSlags. However, there is a major technical problem with the site. No matter if you would like to register for a membership or not, the links are currently broken to their sign up forms. Hopefully they will get this problem fixed very soon, but for the time being it doesn’t look like anyone will be signing up to BritishSlags.

Overall score: 7/20

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