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Pornstar is a pretty cool pornstar site (of course). I actually know the guy who runs it and he runs everything, no staff, no nothing, it is a one man job and we often chat about the latest pornstars that arrive on his site. Just because I know him though does not mean I am going easy on the guy! A review is a review and unbiased it shall be. So what is good about Pornstar then? Well the age of the site. It has been here a long time and it is here to stay for a long time. Why? Because members are prepared to keep on paying for it. That sort of quality speaks for itself. You got a great range of pornstars, some classic who are no longer making porn and you have your new comers. The site is easy to navigate and you know where you are going. Ok so the site does not update as other bigger mega sites in this category and its focused I would argue more around old style shooting of pornstars rather than the new style reality that has come into play. It depends what you are after though. Check it out see what you think. If you do not like it let me know and I will speak to the guy who runs it! Personally though you are not going to look back and wish you came across this review earlier.

Overall score: 18/20

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