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First Impressions Pink Visual Pass is a mega network of over 30 reality sites that cover just about every niche you can think of. The tour does a good job of showing off the type of hotties you’ll see inside and the style they use for shooting their content. I’m excited to see more details about these videos—from the outside this looks like a smoking deal. The Details Pink Visual Pass has been around for several years and belongs to the guys over at Top Bucks. They were one of the first to tackle the reality niche along with the Bang Bros, called Ox Pass Network back then, so they’ve got some serious time and experience under the belts and it shows in the quality of their sites. Until 2007 the Pink Visual Pass network only offered streaming videos, no downloads. Well, that all changed a year ago and now you can stream AND download their hi-quality videos. The newest content is particularly great in terms of quality. They’ve got a massive library of videos spread out in the 30 different sites, so you won’t be running out of content to download anytime this year, especially since they keep updating every week. They date stamp all their content, and checking the log its clear they never forgot to get fresh content out. Many sites go cold after the first few months but Pink Visual Pass has kept at it, which is always reassuring. Unfortunately, when they started adding download options the changes weren’t retroactive – this means the bulk of their libraries are still stream only. I really wish they would have gone through the trouble of adding links for downloads as there is a lot of great content piled up in there. That being said, the past year has seen the addition of over 100 videos, all of which can be downloaded, and that figure is larger than what most sites have in total. Summary Pink Visual Pass has a good name and a good record. They’ve been at the reality niche since it’s beginnings years ago and over the years have built up a great fleet of member sites that span just about every niche in porn. You’ll find amateurs, pornstars, anal, big tits, Asians, ebonies, and everything else under the sun. For the past year they’ve made all videos uploaded available for download, too, which in my opinion really changed things and made the network one of the best out there. A great deal for the money, giving you access to thousands of great videos.

Overall score: 18/20

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