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REVIEW 1 First Impressions Landing on the tour page lets me know that XL girls is put out by Voloptuous Magazine and that XL is in reference to big natural boobs rather than waist line. While some of the models are plump, there’s nothing overly BBW about them, except their tits. Voluptuous Magazine has put out a lot of great content so I’m excited to follow through to the members’ area and check this out. The Details Huge. That’s the word that comes to mind once I’m inside XL Girls. From the big tits to the libraries, everything about this place is big. Currently there are nearly 400 video episodes and +103,000 photos, all of a good quality. The models are hot and they all have big, natural tits that you just want to squeeze once you see them. The video is offered in MOV, MPEG, and WMV formats and all the content is exclusive. You can download the videos or stream them in browser, though streaming the Quicktime (MOV) formats you’ll get a tiny video to watch. Downloading is the way to go (WMV and MPEG formats). Quality has improved over the years, so hopefully it will continue to do so. As it stands now its good, but other sites do a better job as far as formatting their episodes. Photo sets can only be browsed by title, so you won’t get a peak at what each is about until you click on it. This is kind of annoying, but they have a great model index so once you find some models you like it’s easy to find their other content. You can browse by model using filters such as plump, top heavy, etc, which is a nice feature considering browsing the galleries is such a pain. Summary XL Girls offers some quality hardcore action and lots of it. The website could use some modernization to make browsing this massive library easier, and the quality of video encoding could use a bump as well. Other than that, the site is big and growing constantly and delivers some quality big tit, plump girl action. REVIEW 2 First Impressions XL Girls has been around for more than 4 years and in that time have produced a ton of quality content as well as constant improvements to their website. From the tour its clear you’ll be getting plump girls with big natural tits in every scene, and based on what I’ve heard about this site and the great tour, I can hardly wait to take a look at the details. The Details When you’ve been in business as long as XL girls and updated as regularly as they have, you end up with a massive library of videos. Right now XL girls has somewhere around 368 exclusive videos of varying length, available in MOV, WMV, and MPEG formats. The quality is good and the models are all hot chicks a little on the plump side with big round and all natural breasts. Each video pays quite a bit attention to these girls natural curves, so you’ll see a lot of big tit love, including oiling, fondling, and titty fucking. Here’s a crazy number for you. XL girls has over 103,000 photographs. Yeah, one hundred thousand. We’re talking about a massive library here, which is overall full of quality photos and hot models. The different sets of photographs can be downloaded as a ZIP file which is great, given the size of the library on hand. The site has had some facelifts over the past year or so and is now easier to use than ever before. It also looks nicer, with a pleasant design for all the nifty features to sit in. You can browse models and episodes as well as search for keywords, which is a very handy feature for navigating this behemoth of a site. Summary XL girls is one of the best big tit/big girl sites I’ve seen. They’ve been doing it longer than most and have remained dedicated to the product. The result is that members joining to day get to enjoy 4 years of their hardwork in the form of a massive library of great content. Lots of hot models, lots of big natural tits, and a ton of hardcore fucking but XL Girls over the top and one of the best deals I’ve seen on the net.

Overall score: 18/20

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