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Mackenzie is one of those kinky British babes who make sure that all statistical research names Britain one of the sluttiest, sexiest countries in the world. With her luscious, all natural tits, a curvaceous ass, long blond locks, and bedroom eyes that scream “fuck me,” it’s no surprise that this accountant was plucked out of her office at the age of 20 and put where she belongs: on the pages of magazines and catalogs, sharing her gorgeous body with the world. Now at 28, Mackenzie is taking things into her own hands by designing and directing her own sexy photo and video shoots, where she and other British hotties show off their bodies for the camera and for each other, and inviting you to join the party at her official site, Mackenzie Girlfriends. The girl has sure been busy: her site is filled to the brim with more than 17500 photos, with hundreds of new pictures added every week. Every month, Mackenzie picks a model of the month and an unknown beauty and introduces her in a solo shoot - but all other shoots have at least two sexy babes. The girls explore each other’s bodies, squeeze each other’s tits and pose seductively in gorgeous locations or against stark, dramatic backgrounds. Several shoots invite you to join the girls in the shower, where they lather each other’s bodies with soap, kissing and touching under streams of hot water. And every once in a while, Mackenzie does something special, like a photo shoot with four or five sex goddesses, each more gorgeous than the last, stripping and posing seductively in an orgy of curves, skin and hair. And don’t forget that each shoot comes with a behind the scenes video, for the total of more than 200 episodes! Most of the site’s 100-odd models have a flirty profile, where they divulge their favorite sexual position and body part, list female celebrities they’d like to fuck, and even tell sexually charged jokes like “What\'s blue and fucks grannies? Me in my lucky blue suit!” The site also offers steamy interviews with its top models, where they share their secret desires and kinky fantasies. And for a more up close and personal interaction with the models, check out the active forum, where the friendly, flirty girls chat with Mackenzie Girlfriends members. With such abundance of gorgeous babes who know how to use their bodies to drive a man crazy, Mackenzie Girlfriends might just be one of the most gorgeous glamour sites on the web!

Overall score: 15/20

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