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Kelli McCarty first burst on the scene when she was crowned Miss America in the early ‘90s. Later, she almost won the Miss Universe pageant, appeared in everything from 90210 and Melrose Place to original Disney Channel productions, and even spent 7 years starring in an NBC soap opera. But she really got down to business in 2008, when she became a Vivid girl. Her official site, Kelli USA, presents her first feature length hardcore film, the highly controversial Faithless. Faithless, directed by Paul Thomas, has a complex and engaging storyline. Kelli McCarty stars as Calli, a brooding trophy wife hated by her stepdaughter Sarah. Sarah can’t accept her new mommy - but she’s also jealous of her daddy and fearful that Calli is after the family fortune. When Sarah brings her new boyfriend Nico to the family cabin, her father Danny can’t help but show off his gorgeous new wife in front of the guy. Sarah is enraged, and Nico is engorged. It doesn’t take long for Danny and Sarah to catch Calli with her legs up in the air, Nico’s cock buried deep inside her. She’s so torn - and so is her pussy! Seeing as Danny is also having an affair with his best friend Simon’s wife Terry, he doesn’t have much moral high ground in the situation. Sarah manages to drag Nico to go fishing - though he’s too busy pounding Sarah’s tight ass to catch any actual fish. It seems that the couple might be able to salvage their relationship after all - but Calli is not one to give up so easily. Once the two are back in LA, all hell breaks loose. With so many cheating couples and so many loose ends, how far will Calli go to regain her dignity? Shot in excellent high definition that allows you to see every fold of Kelli’s pussy, Faithless can be watched right on the site - or if you want to keep the movie but don’t have your own burner, Vivid will happily send you a DVD! But there’s much more to Kelli USA: since it’s part of the Vivid network, your membership comes with unlimited access to the legendary Vivid flagship,! With its huge library of original streaming hardcore and softcore DVDs, celebrity sex tapes, and more than a million steamy photos, you’ll feel like you have your very own sex warehouse!

Overall score: 14/20

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