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People will do anything to be famous. Reality show contestants voluntarily put themselves into the most embarrassing situations for 15 minutes of fame; fading stars make sex tapes that quickly get “stolen” and released by big adult studios; and young actors and actresses subject themselves to the infamous casting couch to get their big break. The Top Choice Pass network takes full advantage of this in its W-rappers, setting up a fake audition for a rap album, then at the last moment, switches the microphone for a big, fat cock. W-rappers features just under a dozen episodes - but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Each of the videos lasts 10 to 30 minutes, and is packed with hot face fucking action. The girls who show up to the auditions are uniformly hot, with smooth chocolate skin and bouncy round asses. Many of the girls have naturally heavy tits, which some of them put to good use, milking the cocks with their cleavage before popping them into their mouths. It’s debatable whether these girls can rap - but they sure can suck, lapping eagerly at the engorged heads, running their tongues up and down the shafts, even nibbling on the balls - and they don’t stop until hot white cum is dripping down their pretty ebony faces. The videos come in excellent high resolution quality, and can be downloaded in Windows Media, Mpeg, and iPod compatible mp4 formats. And the main content of W-rappers is just the beginning of the fun you’re going to have here. Along with the site’s own videos, your W-rappers membership comes fully loaded with more than a dozen other sites in the Top Choice Pass network! More hot ebony babes are waiting to entertain you in Phatty Girls XXXcorts, where amateur sluts bang the network’s team in motel rooms all over the US, and Doggy Style BJs, where Black honeys get on all fours for a good face pounding - and there’s more! Cheating Holes brings you the hottest backstabbing housewives on the prowl for cocks that are bigger and better than their hubby’s; Leash Submission is full of obedient bitches who lap at big bones like hungry puppies; Solo Kitty shows you what dirty girls get up to when their boyfriends aren’t around; Man Made Sluts and My Huge Titties pit nature against the surgeon’s scalpel; and Extreme Honey has kinky sluts competing over who can stuff their pussies with the weirdest collection of objects. These and other sites of the network add up to years’ worth of enjoyment!

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