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Intro Only Silk And Satin is a site that focuses less on nudity and more on the erotic nature of silk and satin clothes and lingerie. Their models are in sexy silk and satin outfits then strip down to some hot silk or satin lingerie and model it. If you like a girl in a sexy pair of silk panties or wearing silky little nightie, this is your site. The tour is hot, the girls look great and I have a pretty good feeling about this one. Good Points The girls are hot as hell. The people that run this site understand that they need to have very sexy girls modeling these clothes/lingerie and they have done an amazing job finding the right girls for the site. The outfits look hot, the lingerie is sexy and it all creates one erotic site. The movies and pictures look really good. They are nice and large and look great even at full screen size. The pictures are nice and big and full of sweet detail. You can download any of the picture galleries in .zip files if you want. The site has a lot of content in it and is updating daily (or very close to daily) so it is growing fast.All of the content on this site is shot exclusively for it so you won't find this sexy stuff anywhere else. When you join you get access to five other bonus sites. These sites seem to follow in the same vein as this one and are focused more on erotic non-nudes than full on nudity and regular porn. The monthly membership fee is a very affordable $19.95 Bad Points There is no trial membership so you have to buy a full membership to get inside the site. The movies are in flash format (think Youtube) and AVI format. The flash is great, but some people might have trouble getting the dreaded AVI movies to work on their computer. There is no nudity. The tour makes that very clear from the start, but I wanted to mention it here just to be certain you know. Summery This is one of those sites that is designed for a very specific niche so not everyone will be into it. They have some great looking girls in very hot outfits and lingerie and they present it all with high quality movies and pictures. The site has plenty of content and is updating all the time. I don't like the AVI movies and wished there was a trial membership, but those are pretty small details that don't otherwise derail what is an excellent site. If you are into this kind of site you will love this one.

Overall score: 16/20

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